This is the Digest from 2002 for the Category of: Deep Space Nine Author

4Creek Johnson
Writing partners Creek Johnson and Nance Hurt have wonderful, wonderful insight into the DS9 characters and just an amazing ability to blend action, plotting, snappy dialogue, humor, and pathos into one epic tale. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!!
-- Djinn - Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:08:46 -0500

19Nance Hurt
Writing partners Creek Johnson and Nance Hurt have wonderful, wonderful insight into the DS9 characters and just an amazing ability to blend action, plotting, snappy dialogue, humor, and pathos into one epic tale. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!!
-- Djinn - Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:08:54 -0500

What can one say about Seema when it comes to writing Deep Space 9? Ze is a master. Hir touch is sure, hir characters true and very much alive, hir plots touching. Seema is always in control of hir story, never more so than in The Absinthe Heart, an experiment in a difficult POV, a challenge response story, a wonderful treatment of the Daxes, and an amazing look into the soul of a Ferengi. In Blink, ze shows us a Kira just starting out on her path of freedom fighter, and explores what it means to go over the edge. In Sand and Water, Seema explores the older and far more tired Kira, one that has won and lost everything in the process. Seema always shows us a person that is very real, even flawed. Ze doesn't flinch from showing the rough edges. What comes through most in a story by Seema is the unwavering love and respect this author has for these characters. You've had another wonderful year, Seema. I can't wait to see what you offer us next!
-- Djinn - Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:09:20 -0500

12Kyra Cullinan
A lovely new voice in the DS9 arena. I look forward to more from this author next year.
-- Djinn - Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:09:57 -0500

25Sara Goose
Sara Goose bowled me over with the quality of hir stories over the course of the year. The wonderful Another Glance was one of my favorite stories of any series, and Survival Mechanism, Pleasantries, and Three were all rock solid entries in this year's awards. Ze has a wonderful ability to capture these characters' voices and manner--which I think are the most difficult of any of the Trek series to do well--bringing them to vivid life and spinning out emotion with very little effort. I am just so impressed and can't wait to see what this author has planned for next year.
-- Djinn - Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:10:13 -0500

Ventura33 proves again that ze can write in any series. I hope ze does more DS9 next year!
-- Djinn - Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:10:30 -0500

Monkee is a versatile author who often charms with hir wondrous humor. But ze is just as talented when doing more serious works, and Anachronism is an excellent example of just how skilled this author is in crafting a story that tugs at your heart while it also makes you think. Monkee is one of my all-time favorite Trek authors and I look forward to reading more of hir wonderful stories in the future.
-- Djinn - Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:11:12 -0500

A welcome voice in DS9 arena, I hope Rocky writes more for these characters next year.
-- Djinn - Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:11:41 -0500

3C. Zdroj
What can I say--you write lovely, in canon smut, and for that I am in awe. I loved A Break in the Rain. Very good stuff, and keep fighting the good het O/K fight.
-- Tori Morris - Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:13:43 -0500

I loved Sand and Water, mostly because I'd love to see what the average Bajoran thought of the changes that had occured in just seven years, and even though Kira isn't 'average', I thought it captured it well. Blink was good too, and I thought you captured the Occupation setting very nicely.
-- Tori Morris - Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:22:55 -0500

I thought it was very clever to revisit Melanie from The Visitor, and that it made for a very interesting story.
-- Tori Morris - Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:42:42 -0500

Props for writing DS9 relaunch fic. I consider the relaunch to be a continuation of DS9 that is eminently ficable, and I'm always glad to see others doing the same.
-- Tori Morris - Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:48:53 -0500

32Valerie Shearer
I've watched Valerie's writing improve from her first story. She's dark but she's good.
-- Gabrielle Lawson - Wed, 12 Mar 2003 02:38:56 -0500

32Valerie Shearer
Yes, I've been betaing for her, but I'm going to comment anyway. Valerie has something very intriguing going on. The three different universes that she is doing are all AU, but in different degrees and different ways. However, they are all connected by similar characters--both canon and OC--and the way she is ringing in the different changes of how things could have turned out if the Federation had lost, or at least fought the Dominion to a draw, do a superlative job of showing us three more likely options than what WYLB showed us.
-- Paula - Sat, 15 Mar 2003 17:34:05 -0500

6Gabrielle Lawson
Gabrielle is one of those authors that keeps you waiting by your newsfeed, hoping that she'll be posting a story. Although they are far and few between, they are definitely worth the wait. She definitely knows what's she's doing. Every one of her stories pulls you in from the beginning and keeps you hanging on for dear life until the end. And with Faith, she doesn't give you an ending, so you're left hanging for months or more. She knows that characters better than TPTB does. A true professional.
-- Meghan Elizabeth - Tue, 18 Mar 2003 20:20:45 -0500

25Sara Goose
Once again I'm amazed at Sara's abilities as a writer. All of her DS9 stories this year were real standouts. Pleasantries, Survival Mechanism and Three all contain lovely characterizations that are very true to life and faithful to the people we got to know over the years. Another Glance illustrates Sara's skill at picking up a hint of attraction that was just briefly stated in canon, and turning it into a fascinating exploration. I fully expect to see more great DS9 stories from this writer next year.
-- Rocky - Thu, 20 Mar 2003 08:50:19 -0500

Monkee's DS9 entry this year, Anachronism, shows how well she understands the characters of Ben and Jake Sisko and the caring relationship between them. I'd love to see her write more DS9 next year.
-- Rocky - Thu, 20 Mar 2003 08:51:17 -0500

Seema does a lovely job in any series, but she really shone in DS9 this year. Nobody portrays Kira so well as Seema did in stories like Blink and Sand and Water. Snapshots of Kira at vastly different stages of her life, nonetheless they are clearly points along the same journey, and it is very easy to see how the angry young freedom fighter about to lose the last vestiges of her innocence in Blink became the woman we saw at the beginning of DS9's run and finally the weary officer in Sand and Water who realizes she has no idea how to adjust to peacetime. Seema also has a way with Ezri Dax, as evidenced by Absinthe Heart. Regardless of story, Seema's affection and understanding of the characters really comes through and her beautiful writing adds to the overall effect of a real standout.
-- Rocky - Thu, 20 Mar 2003 08:52:28 -0500

21Paula Stiles
Paula is one of those writers, that in some circumstances TPTB would like to deny existence of. And that's a good thing. Although she may stray from the beaten path, she does it very well. Her stories are well written and believable and although she takes the characters to unexpected places, she does in in such a way it makes sense through her knowlege of the characters. It's always a pleasure to see that she's posted another story, although the reading of it is more pain that pleasure. Paula fills a very important niche in the fan fiction arena.
-- Meghan Elizabeth - Thu, 20 Mar 2003 18:14:56 -0500

13Mark Russel Stanley
Mark's talent goes beyond just writing well. He is able to take something that most people would scoff at and make it possible, going against norms while he's at it (what are norms anyway?) He doesn't always take the humorous route with his G/B stories either. He can make the stories serious, romantic, sexy. . .whatever. He manages to place the characters in a relationship that TPTB never condoned (or did they?) and make it work. Some slash pairings I've heard of seem rather contrived, but not Mark's. He knows what he's doing and does it well.
-- Meghan Elizabeth - Fri, 21 Mar 2003 14:03:24 -0500

32Valerie Shearer
Valerie is one of those authors that makes the rest of us look like amateurs. She takes the characters that we all know and places them in traumatic circumstances. The miracles is that although there is no clear happy ending very often, the characters triumph over themselves, and survive. Her stories draw you in from the begining with the sense of reality. Upon reading, you realize the amount of research neccessary for her stories and the tremendous amount of work gone into it. Some may cringe at the subject matter, but Valerie gives us the dose of reality we need in this genre of fantasy. She is a real professional and does what she does very well.
-- Meghan Elizabeth - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 05:22:30 -0500

3C. Zdroj
The Edge of the World captured the relationship bet Kira and Odo well. Throughout, I think the author does a beautiful job of conveying Odo's alienness. The reunion between Kira and Odo is described poetically, with a wealth of emotion. Zdroj one posted story was a wonderful, bittersweet tale.
-- Rabble Rouser - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:21:15 -0500

Djinn posted only one work of Deep Space Nine fiction to ASC this year, but it's a substantial contribution--a novel, not just a short story. That novel, It Wouldn't Be Make Believe, is astonishing in the way it makes me feel for and understand Vic Fontaine, making him a believable and rounded figure. One of the striking things about the novel is the voice, which so vividly evokes the character. The novel is very well plotted with more than one twist and plenty of intrigue. The familiar DS9 characters, especially Ezri, and beautifully drawn, and I love the original character, Vic's holographic sister, Vicki. And despite its length it is beautifully paced so you really zip through it even when determined to slow down and savor it. There are plenty of twists and turns that make you determined to finish it in one sitting. This is great storytelling above all with characters you come to feel deeply about. I was completely sucked in.
-- Rabble Rouser - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:22:09 -0500

6Gabrielle Lawson
Lawson is a very strong writer in terms of her narrative gift and the pacing, description, style, and characterizations are all nicely in place in her stories; as is a solid plot with an interesting sci-fi based mystery at its center in "Faith: Forgiveness." Her Bashir is very interesting.
-- Rabble Rouser - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:22:52 -0500

12Kyra Cullinan
"Fly Away" is thought-provoking like good sci-fi. I like the way Kyra Cullinan conveys how Vic is at the mercy of his programming and some of the irony of him existing essentially in a box in a bar. The way the author describes the personal history programmed into Vic is poetic and poignant.
-- Rabble Rouser - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:23:52 -0500

I was sucked into her story from the first. It's a great premise and I loved how the implications for Melanie were spun out. I found the way Monkee wrote of the connection between Benjamin Sisko and his son Jake, and how each connected to Melanie, moving and powerful. I loved the ending.
-- Rabble Rouser - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:24:58 -0500

I like how "People Like You" plays with the 2nd person. It doesn't keep to it throughout but is the perfect form for what is after all the voice of trying to recruit someone. It also offers some interesting insights into Julian's character as it does its work of seducing him to the dark side.
-- Rabble Rouser - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:25:36 -0500

I liked Rocky's first venture into DS9fic giving us a scene TPTB should've. Nice job.
-- Rabble Rouser - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:26:16 -0500

25Sara Goose
Sara wrote and posted four Deep Space Nine fanfics to ASC this year, all very good indeed. Another Glance is a very good story of the mutual attraction between Kira and O'Brien. Pleasantries is lovely vignette capturing well the bittersweetness of two people never close connecting as a solace for all those who are lost and drifted away. Sara's "Survival Mechanism" was a lovely Ezri tale with interesting speculations on the nature of the symbiont. I liked how "Threes" illuminated the character of Benjamin Sisko: three names, three personas. All are lovely vignettes.
-- Rabble Rouser - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:27:59 -0500

Seema posted three DS9 stories to ASC this year, all stand-outs. My favorite is the very different, lyrical and atmospheric "The Absinthe Heart." Quark is not a character you see in fan fiction very often, so it was fun to see a story from his POV. Told in the second person, the technique seems very apt for Quark, giving an immediacy and distance at the same time as he observes and reflects on Ezri, vividly drawn here. Seema's story of a young Kira in the resistance, "Blink" is powerful and incredibly intense. It doesn't flinch from its emotional and moral complexity. Finally, there is another Kira story, "Sand and Water." Shakaar is so well drawn here and I can't think of a better figure to draw out the emotions and thoughts of Kira on all that she experienced and lost. Seema deftly weaves the personal and the political. I loved the quiet, subtle hope of that last line. These three tales made a wonderful contribution to DS9fic this year.
-- Rabble Rouser - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:29:51 -0500

I liked "Sarah" quite a bit. I loved the charming, romantic way the author shows the first meeting bet. Sisko's parents. It lends a poignant irony to what unfolds later. I like the backstory the author creates for Joseph and Sarah and enjoyed how the author wove the tale of the different timelines.
-- Rabble Rouser - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:31:00 -0500

"Guide" is a great look at Kasidy, who I have rarely seen taken on in fanfic. Making her an atheist created a wonderful contrast and conflict with Sisko's role as the Emissary and it's a strong portrayal. I love the ambiguity of that ending open to more than one interpretation.
-- Rabble Rouser - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 14:31:51 -0500

Although once I read only VOY stories, writers like Djinn have tempted me to move outside that fandom. Djinn's ability to embody character is impressive, and I've yet to read a story of hers that I didn't like.
-- Kelly Chambliss - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 18:58:18 -0500

2A. Kite
I'm used to seeing Anita primarily as a VOY writer, but she's just as skilled at telling interesting DS9 tales.
-- Kelly Chambliss - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 18:59:14 -0500

monkee doesn't venture into DS9 very often, but when she does, she writes it beautifully.
-- Kelly Chambliss - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 19:00:35 -0500

nostalgia is a new voice to me, and I've been quite impressed by everything of hirs that I've read. Hir gift for expressing complexities of character and thought makes for excellent fanfic.
-- Kelly Chambliss - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 19:02:29 -0500

Rocky is one of my favorite writers no matter which Trek fandom she uses. Her codas in particular are very effective, as in "The Foolish and the Brave." She offers the complexity and grown-up attitude that I wish were present more often in canon.
-- Kelly Chambliss - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 19:04:13 -0500

Seema is another of those writers whose story-telling talent has tempted me outside the VOY fandom. I know I can rely on her for powerful, thought-provoking fanfic, with carefully-drawn characters and even good mechanics!
-- Kelly Chambliss - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 19:06:22 -0500

I read everything Meg writes, and I always find her work a pleasure. One of the elements I like best about her writing is that no matter how many of her stories I read, she manages to surprise me, either with an unusual pairing or a fine plot twist or just with a touch of humor where I might not expect it.
-- Kelly Chambliss - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 19:09:53 -0500

I'm glad Djinn took on DS9 fic -- I've enjoyed her work in other series. Her novel in this series makes me want to give her a standing ovation.
-- Lori - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 22:08:31 -0500

Seema's DS9 fic has always amazed me. I know that I can count on her for consistently-good storytelling.
-- Lori - Sun, 23 Mar 2003 22:23:45 -0500

14Matt Edwards
I've known Matt for a few years and love his stories. He conveys a reality to his situations and characters which makes the stories real. The Section 31 stories he wrote before this year are wonderful, but when he writes about the Dominion war it becomes a real, gut wrenching thing because he portrays it as a real, dirty, and destructive act of destruction. But he also writes about the war from the viewpoint of the mothers and sons and wives and children who lose along the way. It makes this war they created that was space battles and great fx shots a real, soul destroying thing played out in the lives of all its victums.
-- valerie shearer - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 00:17:29 -0500

6Gabrielle Lawson
Gabrielle and I have our own points of view about out favorite characters, but I like they way she puts them through great traumas but still maintains their strengths. She doesn't paint her characters and her worlds as perfect, but keeps them true to what they believe in.
-- Valerie Shearer - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 00:25:43 -0500

21Paula Stiles
Paula writes about real people. She tells us about the inner workings of her characters, both the good and the bad. But she also writes of little things, small moments and humorous bits that still retain a biting edge to them. She's good at both short and long, and all of it caries a feeling of fitting in a real place. She doesn't surgar coat the hard parts of life but doesn't dwell on them either. She's got the range that I wish I had, and I am very happy that she likes to beta my stuff since she knows what she's doing.
-- Valerie Shearer - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 00:44:00 -0500

I've been a fan of Seema for a few years. She is so good at delving into the emotional heart of the story and painting a world around it. She writes about the characters we know in such a way that we understand them a little more than before.
-- Valerie Shearer - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 00:47:58 -0500

15Meghan Elizabeth
Meghan has created her own characters and writes them very well. I've watched her get better and better at her writing and look forward to future stories when she'd even more improved.
-- Valerie Shearer - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 00:52:32 -0500

I was away for a while, but when I finally got back into the net was very pleased to find a new (to me) writer like T'Lin. She does a beautiful job of defining feelings and emotions, and yet her style is very sparce and minimal. She's very good at following the first rule of fiction, to show rather than to say.
-- Valerie Shearer - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 00:56:16 -0500

31Tori Morris
Scares me with her goodness. I'd give someone's right arm to be this clever with words.
-- nostalgia - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 06:31:31 -0500

Fab. Very clever, very free with the language.
-- nostalgia - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 06:32:06 -0500

25Sara Goose
Again, fabulous.
-- nostalgia - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 06:32:21 -0500

Thisis why I hate doing 'best author' categories - I can never choose. I like her lots, she's excellent.
-- nostalgia - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 06:33:09 -0500

-- nostalgia - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 06:33:19 -0500

Funny as hell :D
-- nostalgia - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 06:33:48 -0500

Damn damn good author.
-- nostalgia - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 06:34:04 -0500

Djinn really blew me away this year with her work in DS9 this year!
-- Sara - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 22:47:51 -0500

12Kyra Cullinan
Kyra did an absolutely wonderful job on her story about Vic Fontaine and I hope to see more DS9 fic from her soon!
-- Sara - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 22:49:51 -0500

Nostalgia wrote some amazingly beautiful stories in DS9 this year, things that really made me think.
-- Sara - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 22:50:51 -0500

I really enjoyed Rocky's first DS9 fic, but hopefully not her last as she definitely understands these characters.
-- Sara - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 22:53:00 -0500

Seema wrote some incredible stories featuring Kira this year, and it was interesting to see a glimpse of her past. "The Absinthe Heart," though, was one of my favourite stories this year because it provided such a unique perspective on the Dax situation.
-- Sara - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 23:02:26 -0500

31Tori Morris
Tori blew me away this past year with her sure understanding of the DS9 characters, and the way she makes it obvious that she cares about them and the show a great deal. "Home Again" is one of those fics that will stay with me always.
-- Sara - Mon, 24 Mar 2003 23:09:04 -0500

25Sara Goose
Sara is a fresh new author with a unique way of looking at a situation. She always surprises me with her insite into the characters.
-- Jerie - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 11:57:47 -0500

2A. Kite
A. Kite's stories are always enjoyable. Her characterisations are spot on, as is her dialogue, and her narrative style always enhances her plot.
-- Mark Stanley - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:01:06 -0500

7Gul Occett
Gul Occett often writes humour, but I've been most impressed with her serious stories. And this year's G/B poem, Embracing Forever, was a lovely read.
-- Mark Stanley - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:04:07 -0500

Invicta has proven herself as a humour writer and as a writer of dark, erotic sex, and with this year's story, she has proven herself as a Gen mystery writer as well. I love her style and her unique perspective, and her wonderful characterisations of all the DS9 characters, particularly Garak, Bashir, and Dukat.
-- Mark Stanley - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:06:39 -0500

9Kathryn Ramage
DS9 fanfic wouldn't be the same without Kathryn. I love her mainly for her Garak/Bashir, but this year I came to the conclusion that I could read, believe, and enjoy absolutely *anything* -- any pairing, any subject -- if she was writing it. Her characterisations, dialogue, and situations are consistently excellent; her writing style is wonderful. I've enjoyed her continuing exploration of a pairing I could never have imagined without her help: Sisko/Bashir.
-- Mark Stanley - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:10:43 -0500

I really hope Melissa will write some more G/B. I particularly enjoy (and miss) her serious work, exemplified in this year's "The Hand Once Bitten, Now Fed."
-- Mark Stanley - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:12:41 -0500

3C. Zdroj
Chris writes some of the best Odo/Kira around. I'd love to see more from her in the future.
-- Seema - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 20:52:04 -0500

Djinn constantly blows me away with her versatility and I'm even more amazed with "It Wouldn't Be Make Believe." Djinn's ability to make me believe that a relationship between Vic and Ezri, her keen sense of plot, and of course, as always, perfect characterization. Great job this year!
-- Seema - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 20:53:46 -0500

12Kyra Cullinan
Lovely new author. I'd love to see more from her.
-- Seema - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 20:54:06 -0500

monkee excels at all of the series she writes and I was so pleased to see her in DS9 this year. I'd love to see more DS9 fics from her.
-- Seema - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 20:54:56 -0500

nostalgia is a gorgeous writer and she really made Section 31 suitably creepy and haunting in "People Like You." Definitely someone whom I'd love to see a lot more of on ASC.
-- Seema - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 20:56:16 -0500

21Paula Stiles
Paula is an amazing writer who manages to convey a lot in a little space. It's always pleasure to read a Paula!fic.
-- Seema - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 20:56:46 -0500

Nice to see Rocky in DS9, especially with such a fine entry as "The Foolish and the Brave."
-- Seema - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 20:58:01 -0500

RoseKira always has such a beautiful way with words and a unique perspective on characters. It's always interesting to read what she comes up with.
-- Seema - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 20:58:37 -0500

25Sara Goose
Sara is a welcome new voice to DS9. I was really impressed with her Kira/O'Brien fic, "Another Glance," and I thought "Pleasantries" was a very subtle but poignant story that conveyed so much. Nice job!
-- Seema - Tue, 25 Mar 2003 20:59:46 -0500