As posted by Karmin in November 2000

Thanks for the Mirror Universe Feedback FAQ, which I've tidied up below for any others like myself who want to clip and store it in their wallets.

1) Authors should rip their guts out and post them with every story so we know you really mean it.

2) Feedbackers should eat lots of red meat, drink lots of bad gin and watch both _Die Hard_ movies to attain a properly aggressive attitude before writing about a story, especially one with original characters.

3) Authors should realize their entire value as a human being and an artist is going to be determined by ASCEML and posting under a strictly guarded alias is strongly advised.

4) Feedbackers should be all that they can be or as bad as they wanna be but worse than they thought if, and only if, they've had enough gin.

5) Authors should know that crying in your keyboard makes the keys stick. The best course is to develop a repertoire of tragic gestures and sulk as dramatically and angrily as possible for as long as possible. Plotting revenge is fine, too, provided it does not interfere with the new story you are working on.

6) All should be polite, and stay away from personal comments and attacks, until the prozac runs out.

Thank you for your attention.