Trekiverse: Kirk McCoy Pairing
AOS Square One 2 by Acidqueen
Series: AOS - Draws Series
Codes: K/Mc/P, K/Mc, Pike/m
Rating: Posted: Size: 0 bytes Review
Coming Together by Acidqueen
Series: AOS – b2s Series
Codes: K/Mc, Su/C
It might be cold, but never too cold for sex.
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 3422 bytes Review
Disciplinary Measures by Acidqueen
Series: AOS
Codes: K/Mc, Pike/m
Jim and Bones are forced to make a deal. Bad luck – or maybenot.
Rating: NC-17 for kinky stuff (see note) Posted: Size: 7591 bytes Review
Domino Effects by Acidqueen
Series: AOS
Codes: P/K/Mc, K/Mc, Sp
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 29403 bytes Review
Five Reasons Why Leonard McCoy Should Dislike Jim Kirk by Acidqueen
Series: AOS
Codes: Mc; K/Mc implied
Five reasons why Leonard McCoy should dislike Jim Kirk - andwhy he still didn't.
Rating: PG Posted: Size: 14687 bytes Review
The Game Continues by Acidqueen
Series: AOS, Draws Series
Codes: Kirk/McCoy, Pike/McCoy
McCoy likes harboring grudges, and Pike is amused.
Rating: NC-17, warning: kinky, some dub-con moments Posted: Size: 31417 bytes Review
Interlude in Green (Draws VI) by Acidqueen
Series: AOS – Draws Series
Codes: Pike/Kirk/McCoy
Being human means having doubts, once in a while. Threesnapshots of not so glorious moments.
Rating: R for some vocabulary Posted: Size: 11954 bytes Review
Leonard McCoy, Cheater of Destinies by Aya
Series: AOS
Codes: K/Mc
There are many alternate destinies. Yet out of the infinitelydiverse destinies of Leonard McCoy and James Kirk this is the onethat lives to be told.Rating: NC-17Author's note: My working title for this fic was Borges Trek.
Rating: NC17 Posted: Size: 17586 bytes Review
Maneuvers (Draws VII) by Acidqueen
Series: AOS - Draws Series
Codes: Pike/Kirk/McCoy, some others in passing
Everyone's indulging in strategic moves, some more successfulthan others.
Rating: NC-17 for some hot scenes; kink inside! Posted: Size: 29733 bytes Review
On Public Display by Amanda Warrington
Series: AOS
Codes: K/Mc
Written for the LiveJournal st_xi_kink for this prompt: 9 weirdkinks that Kirk/Bones have carried out in 9 public places.
Rating: NC-17 Rated for kinks and explicit sex Posted: Size: 19168 bytes Review
The People We Are, The Choices We Make by Acidqueen
Series: AOS (AU)
Codes: K/Mc, Sa/Mc, S/Mc, S/U, K/m (Pike)
In a universe that places more importance on roles thanpeople Jim Kirk and Bones McCoy try to live their lives to thefullest in sometimes different ways.
Rating: NC-17; warnings: one rougher scene; one minor character death Posted: Size: 24753 bytes Review
Private Men by Acidqueen
Series: AOS
Codes: K/Mc, S/Mc, S/U, Sp
There's a difference between things being swept underthe carpet and things left unsaid.
Rating: NC-17, warning: S/Mc non-con (see note) Posted: Size: 26240 bytes Review
Rochade by Acidqueen
Series: AOS, Draws Series
Codes: K/Mc, Pike/McCoy, Pike/Kirk/McCoy, Pike&Number One
Between McCoy and Kirk knowing what they want, Pike doesn'tstand much chance.
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 29056 bytes Review
Something Sacred by Acidqueen
Series: AOS
Codes: K/Mc
Because he wants to see Jim's blue eyes shine.
Rating: NC-17; warning: consensual dad-and-son roleplay Posted: Size: 7403 bytes Review
Sticky Affection by Acidqueen
Series: TOS (in my mind, might also be AOS)
Codes: Kirk/Spock/McCoy
Spock doesn't like S’mores but is willing to compromise.
Rating: PG-13 - warning: sweet :) Posted: Size: 3464 bytes Review
Time to Change by Acidqueen
Series: AOS
Codes: K/Mc (implied S/U, K/S)
Sometimes you need to leave and come back, instead of simplystaying.
Rating: R Posted: Size: 11278 bytes Review
Trying Hard To Do What's Right by Amanda Warrington
Series: AOS
Codes: K/Mc
In his final year at the Academy, Jim meets some hippies and takesan illicit substance. McCoy drags him off for a detox. Revelations ensue.
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and light m/m Posted: Size: 9787 bytes Review