Trekiverse: T'Pol Tucker Pairing
Abode by Sue
Series: ENT
Codes: T/Tu
Missing scenes...
Rating: M Posted: Size: 23599 bytes Review
Along The Way by Sue
Series: ENT
Codes: T/Tu
Sequel to 'The True Path.'
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 33354 bytes Review
Bridging The Chasm by Sue
Series: ENT
Codes: T/Tu
Realizing his dreams rule his life as neverbefore Trip decides to seek T'Pol out.
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 36205 bytes Review
Enemy of the State by Quills
Series: ENT
Codes: A, T/Tu, Ma, S, R, P angst, drama, romance, humor,
The starship Enterprise is on a desperate mission to saveEarth from the mysterious Xindi. While searching for the weapon theXindi intend to use against Earth Captain Archer and his crew arereunited with their friend from the future Captain Soma who brings news of an even more sinister plot by a Xindi faction
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 19703 bytes Review
Fail-Safe by Sue
Series: ENT
Codes: T/Tu, A
It all adds up...
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 54829 bytes Review
Splintered Mirror by Sue
Series: ENT
Codes: T/Tu
Filler and ad libs for scenes...Archive: All Enterprise archives are fine.Disclaimer: Star Trek Enterprise is the property ofParamount and its subsidiaries. I am not making any profitfrom this.
Rating: PG-13, (M) Posted: Size: 30476 bytes Review
2084 by Quills
Series: ENT
Codes: T/Tu angst, drama, romance, humor, action/adventure
This is a Somewhere in Time type story. It takes place inthe Enterprise universe as seen on TV but about 70 years beforeEnterprise.
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 22188 bytes Review