Trekiverse: Enterprise Adult
Abode by Sue
Series: ENT
Codes: T/Tu
Missing scenes...
Rating: M Posted: Size: 23599 bytes Review
Alas, poor Yarrick... I knew him Horatio... by d w a c o n
Series: ENT
Rating: [G] Posted: Size: 1924 bytes Review
Alien Us by Philippe de la Matraque
Series: ENT
Codes: R/S eventually, light
For Reed and Hoshi, this is their Roswell, and they are the aliens.
Rating: R (for violence and torture) Posted: Size: 50463 bytes Review
Bereft by Mareel
Series: ENT
Codes: Drabble, A/R
Missing so much.
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 1950 bytes Review
The Best Man For the Job is a Woman by Cait N.
Series: ENT
Codes: T/S
Hoshi is on a personal mission that involves T'Pol, sex anda pair of panties.
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 6285 bytes Review
Bittersweet Reunion by T'Lin
Series: ENT
Codes: T/R (A/T implied)
A missing scene from Twilight ... A brief encounter between Malcolmand T'Pol during the reception for Archer aboard ENTERPRISE.
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 8520 bytes Review
Counterbalance by dilly r
Series: ENT
Codes: Tu/R
(Mirror Universe) Tucker finds himself having todeal with a particularly difficult new crewmate.
Rating: R Posted: Size: 19251 bytes Review
Cry Havoc by ShouldKnowBetter
Series: ENT, A Logical Proposal Series #07
Codes: Tu/T
A planet holds unexpected treasure for Enterprise's crew.Disclaimer: Paramount owns the characters the Star Trek Shranchiseand the universe. I just use them for my own private non-profitmaking amusement.
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 36595 bytes Review
Damage Control by Alia
Series: ENT
Codes: Archer/Reed, Archer/Degra
During the sting with Degra and his crew anunexpected opportunity presents itself which Archer takes only to findhimself dealing with
Rating: R Posted: Size: 32105 bytes Review
Enterprise Alternative Porn Titles by Odon
Series: ENT
Rating: Posted: Size: 9268 bytes Review
Enterprise: A Porn Review by Odon
Series: ENT
Rating: R Posted: Size: 5888 bytes Review
Examination by Odon
Series: ENT
Codes: Hoshi/Rajiin
So what happened between Hoshi and Rajiin in the turbolift?
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 11669 bytes Review
Filthy and Gorgeous by Qzeebrella
Series: ENT
Codes: Tu/R
Rating: R Posted: Size: 8110 bytes Review
Future, Past and Present by Kelly Reiger
Series: ENT
Rating: Posted: Size: 3274 bytes Review
Indiscretion by Mareel
Series: ENT
Codes: Tu/R
A whisper can be louder than a scream.
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 2564 bytes Review
Insomnia by Mareel
Series: ENT
Codes: Tu/R, A
Seeing Trip and Malcolm both hurting, Archer tries to help.
Rating: R Posted: Size: 7679 bytes Review
Interlude by Mareel
Series: ENT
Codes: Tu/R
Trip is worried about what Malcolm's slip of the tongue mightmean for their relationship.
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 3621 bytes Review
Into the Light by Jazz
Series: ENT
Codes: S, Tu/S
When a diplomatic mission goes horribly wrong, Hoshi mustlook inside herself in order to survive.A/N: Thanks to my triumvirate of beta readers downinnewyork Dariaand Chele. You guys are the best!
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 80512 bytes Review
Intonation by Mareel
Series: ENT
Codes: Tu/R, A/R
Malcolm and Trip finally talk. But do they listen?
Rating: R Posted: Size: 10527 bytes Review
Introspection by Mareel
Series: ENT
Codes: Tu/R, A/R
Malcolm needs to find some answers within himself before hetalks to Trip.
Rating: R Posted: Size: 7371 bytes Review
Loss by Daria
Series: ENT
Codes: Tu, R, A
When an away mission goes wrong, a friendship isdamaged--perhaps irrevocably.
Rating: [PG-13] Posted: Size: 7349 bytes Review
A Man's Best Friend by monkee
Series: ENT
Codes: A/T'P, Porthos
There's a limit to how much bad news a man can hear in oneday. Inspired by 'Twilight.'
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 13820 bytes Review
The Message by KayJay
Series: ENT
Codes: A/R
Some things are better not left unsaid.Spoilers: Minefield Affliction Divergence and Demons.Feedback: Always welcome.Author's Notes: Written for the LiveJournal Entficathon communitySpring 2005. Beta thanks to Mareel as usual as well as Cedara.
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 34999 bytes Review
A Mid-Season's NightMare by KayJay
Series: ENT
Codes: Tu/T, all Enterprise characters, humour.
T'Pol falls in love with Archer. Excuse me? On aTucker/T'Pol shipper website! Has the author gone mad? Has shefinally taken note of Season 2 and ignored Myst's screen caps? No ofcourse she hasn't. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.
Rating: PG13 Posted: Size: 18533 bytes Review
Mood Swing by Sue
Series: ENT
Codes: T POV/Tu
Missing scene.
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 3546 bytes Review