Last Update: August 9, 2004
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1) Title is the title of the story. Use proper capitalization.
2) Author is the name of the writer. Do not include e-mail address
3) Contact is the e-mail address to contact the author. You may replace the @ with a space, or if you wish replace it with a home page address (which should begin with http:// )
4) Series should be ENT, TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, OCC, or MIS. If your story is part of a series, put a comma and list that (ex: TNG, Marrissa Stories)
5) Rating. Use [G], [PG], [PG-13], [R], [NC-17] you may follow this with a for and a reason (ex: [R] for violence)
6) Codes See FAQ
7) Status Complete or what parts the post contains
8) Archive Rules. Did you really want it hear or elsewhere?
9) Notes. Anything you want to tell the Archive Team
10) Awards. For use of the Archive Team Only 11) Summary ... please do not use return in summary field.