Trekiverse: Miscellenous
Best Chair Story: An ASCEM Discussion by Various
Series: N/A
Codes: N/A
What if everyone wrote a chair story?
Rating: N/A Posted: 19 Sep 1996 15:33:05 GMT Size: 9276 bytes Review
Captain Mom by Jungle Kitty
Series: MISC
Codes: N/A
Here's what it would be like if Jungle Kitty's mother were captain of the Enterprise.
Rating: [G] Posted: 19 Sep 1996 15:33:05 GMT Size: 3777 bytes Review
An Emoticon Dictionary By Request(r) by ]:>(r) by Helmboy
Series: VOY, TNG, DS9
Codes: emoticons
Here is a break down of Helmboy's emoticon characters. The premise of this universe is that ribald is god, looniness is necessary and laughs should be constant.
Rating: [PG-13] for adult theme Posted: 19 Sep 1996 15:33:05 GMT Size: 3844 bytes Review
Excalibur's Evening With Andy by Jackie Barnes
Series: MISC, DS9
Codes: N/A
Jackie Barnes' reflections on Andrew Robinson's convention visit to Blackpool.
Rating: N/A Posted: 19 Sep 1996 15:33:05 GMT Size: 3122 bytes Review
Fifty-Fifty: Spock Comes Home by Laura Goodwin
Series: TOS
Codes: K/S
A commentary on the K/S relationship.
Rating: [PG] Posted: 19 Sep 1996 15:33:05 GMT Size: 16247 bytes Review
Fur-Lined Knickers And The Yoyo Factory by Arcady
Series: MISC, DS9
Codes: N/A
Arcady's reports of Andrew Robinson's appearances at Nexus in Bristol and Page's Star Trek theme bar in London.
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 18559 bytes Review
Gaghiva, the gifts from which legends are made! by Carolyn Winifred
Series: Other
Codes: Klingons
A Klingon catalogue arrives, full of holiday gift giving ideas. petIvqu'!
Rating: [PG] for some violence to small animals Posted: Size: 11300 bytes Review
Ho! Ho! Ho! You Will Be Assimilated! by Unknown
Series: TNG
Codes: N/A
A little Christmas surprise for the Vax computer
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 50510 bytes Review
How To Avoid The Tupper Universe by Rae Trail
Series: MISC, TOS
Codes: N/A
Rae's response to Kaki's creation of the TupperTrek Universe.
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 1727 bytes Review
How To Develop Your Very Own Star Trek Series by Fanfic Chick
Series: MISC
Codes: humor
How to develop your very own Star Trek series! Learn the secrets of the story writing legend, Brannon Braga. Go to Paramount, pitch the idea and never have to work a single day for the rest of your life!
Rating: [G] Posted: Size: 8619 bytes Review
How To Play Fizzbin by Fanfic Chick
Series: TOS
Codes: N/A
The 'rules' of Fizzbin, as taken from the 7611.01 issue of the Star Trek Big Poster Book Voyage 3
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 6101 bytes Review
Life Sans Friends by Paradox761
Series: MIS
Codes: m, Troi
A fanfic author has a session with Deanna Troi.
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 9458 bytes Review
Love 'Em And Leave 'Em? by Laura Goodwin
Series: TOS
Codes: K, S
A commentary on the theory of Kirk as a womanizer, and why Spock was a magnet for blondes.
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 9320 bytes Review
Metaphors a la 'Darmok' by TrexPhile, Iolanthe & Dave Rogers
Series: TOS, TNG, DS9,VOY
Codes: N/A
Creative examples of speaking in metaphor, a la 'Darmok.'
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 5565 bytes Review
MissQ's Alien Dating Guide by DebC
Series: MISC
Codes: N/A
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 1448 bytes Review
On 'Mary Sue' and 'Lay' stories by Judith Gran
Series: MISC
Codes: N/A
An essay on the nature of 'Mary Sue' and 'lay' stories.
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 11712 bytes Review
Phone Sex With Real People Like Me by Montgomery James
Series: MIS
Codes: N/A
Rating: [PG-13] Posted: Size: 1236 bytes Review
Sayings On Shirts by SpareTurtle
Series: VOY
Codes: P/T
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 1275 bytes Review
Shore Leave Con Report by Jungle Kitty
Series: MISC
Codes: N/A
Jungle Kitty's report on the Shore Leave convention.
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 6103 bytes Review
Some Rules for the TupperTrek Emergency by Arachnethe2
Series: MISC, TOS
Codes: N/A
Arachnethe2's response to Kaki's creation of the TupperTrek Universe.
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 3184 bytes Review
Too Many Shuttlecraft Stories!! by Various
Series: MISC
Codes: SSC
The origin of the newsgroup's fascination with sh*ttl*cr*ft...
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 30220 bytes Review
TV Guide(r) Listings We'd All Like To See by Helmboy
Series: VOY, TNG, TOS, DS9
Codes: Humor
Stuff we'd like to see.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 6053 bytes Review
Unused Trekfic Titles (Or 'What To Do If Another Story Have Same Title As Yours') by Robin Lawrie
Series: MISC
Codes: N/A
Unused Trekfic Titles all ready for your writing pleasure.
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 1060 bytes Review
The Unwanted Star Trek Action Figures! by Rob Morris
Series: TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY
Codes: N/A
The marketing department runs amok...
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 3221 bytes Review
Voyager Christmas Decorations For 1999 by Fanfic Chick
Series: VOY
Codes: N/A
When the Muse of Silliness visits, then one has no choice but to put fingers to keyboard and the text into ASCII format.
Rating: [PG-13] for extreme stupidity. Don't say I didn't warn you! Posted: Size: 11203 bytes Review