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Thobea by Amiroq aka Gypzy

Enterprise... Q Continuum...
Size: 20333 -- Posted: 4/21/2000
Series: VOY -- Codes: J/K, C/K/T
Rating: [NC-17] for violence
Whilst on shoreleave, Harry and Kathryn are kidnapped by an alien entity and left to their own devices in a 14' cube. However, the alien isn't about to make it easy for them.

For The Love Of A Child by Amiroq. aka Gypzy

Enterprise... Q Continuum...
Size: 3469 -- Posted: 11/14/2000
Series: VOY -- Codes: J/K, K/T
Rating: [PG]
Kathryn goes for a late night talk with Harry, only to rediscover a hometruth that hadn't set in yet.

Tea Dance by Boadicea

Enterprise... Q Continuum...
Size: 25155 -- Posted: 4/24/2000
Series: VOY -- Codes: J/K, J/C
Rating: [R]
Janeway forgets who she is. Set after Disease, before Equinox.

Let Youth Be Served by Christopher L. Estep

Enterprise... Q Continuum...
Size: 13083 -- Posted: 4/3/2000
Series: VOY -- Codes: J/K, K/7
Rating: [NC-17]
Seven decides that Captain Janeway needs to follow her own advice and loosen up, so she offers the good Captain...Harry Kim?

Amé by Kat Hughes

Enterprise... Q Continuum...
Size: 23400 -- Posted: 11/13/2000
Series: VOY -- Codes: J/K, J/7, K/f
Rating: [R]
Harry writes to Janeway. Erotic fiction and unrequited desire. Not in that order.

Abduction by MKara50188

Enterprise... Q Continuum...
Size: 11058 -- Posted: 1/25/1997
Series: VOY -- Codes: J/K
Rating: [NC-17] for mild bondage and sex

A Small Breach of Protocol by SpareTurtle

Enterprise... Q Continuum...
Size: 31415 -- Posted: 9/12/1999
Series: VOY -- Codes: J/K
Rating: [PG-13] - Nothing explicit, some swearing, not for kids.
Following on from 'Letters from Home.' What happens when you get drunk and sleep with your captain?