The Crown of Red Cliff

Fanfiction: Archives (general) The biggest Archive out there, and following that old law ... 90% is bad, but oh that 10%.
Fanfiction: Archives (Harry Potter)
The SugarQuill Betaed with the higgest standard on the net. Worth a long visit
Phoenix Song The new center of Harry/Ginny, since the demise of the lamented Gryffindor Tower
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Fanfiction Authors of Note
Alara Rogers Accept no substutites. The best Q writer on the net or otherwise. In fact, the best in anything she sets out to write.
Soon to appear: Seema, Rocky, Djinn, Jungle Kitty, Mr. Intel, Kokopeli, Ruskbyte, and many more...
Insurance In Good Hands
Allstate Keep me employed :)