Trekiverse: Data LaForge Pairing
Blood by Erua
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La (ust), drabble
Geordi is hurt - Data helps.
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 0 bytes Review
Data's Big Date And a Surprise For Kate by J. Juls
Series: TNG, Bye-Bye Kate series
Codes: D/Pulaski, D/La, D/f, bdsm
Data commiserates with Geordi after both their dates dump them. When Pulaski interrupts, Data surprises her with an improvised subroutine.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: 19 Sep 1996 15:33:05 GMT Size: 44320 bytes Review
Function 00001011100111 by J. Juls
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La, PWP
Data's behavior is anomalous today. Set during Season 2.
Rating: [NC-17] for sex and violence Posted: Size: 4755 bytes Review
Geordi's Rebirth by John Green
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La
During a conversation about sexuality, Geordi LaForge confesses to Data that he is attracted to men but feels guilty about it. Data responds by offering to be Geordi's first male lover.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 16174 bytes Review
He Loves Me...Not by T'Reija
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La, Poem
Geordi's thinking about his best friend... in a more-than-just-collegial way...
Rating: [G] Posted: Size: 1567 bytes Review
He Stopped Loving Her Today by Babs Bunny
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La, reference to D/Y
Data musings on various loved ones..:)Author's Note: Challenge response that I FINALLY managed to squeeze outbefore the year's end!:)Disclaimer:Archive: Through Artificial Eyes ASCEM all others ask.
Rating: R Posted: Size: 5647 bytes Review
Hopearoma by Mandy
Series: TNG, The Scenterprise Drabbles
Codes: D/La, drabble
Geordi hopes `Tiberius' will produce a Kirk-effect.
Rating: PG Posted: Size: 5306 bytes Review
How Do I Live? by Omega
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La
Geordi has a nightmare. A music video.
Rating: [PG-13] for adult themes Posted: Size: 4633 bytes Review
Humanitarian Causes by Quoth
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La
Geordi has two problems to deal with: strange behaviour on Data's part, and a troublesome Engineering subordinate.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 44227 bytes Review
Invitation by Erua
Series: TNG
Codes: D, T (D/La implied), drabble
Data makes an unexpected discovery. Set shortly after theepisode 'Hollow Pursuits'.
Rating: PG-13 Posted: Size: 1294 bytes Review
King Of Cups by DataToy
Series: TNG, The Cups Quartet
Codes: D/La, au
At last -- Data and Geordi's hot fudge sundae epiphany. Tres hot.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 19578 bytes Review
Kungeevoi by Robin Lawrie
Series: TNG
Codes: C/?, R/?, R/D/La, alien sex, multiple
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 20483 bytes Review
Last Exit For The Lost by Jadenlore
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La/L
Loose sequel to Passing The Time. Data's having disturbing dreams about Lore when he finds out his brother's been reaasembled. How will it affect his relationship with Geordi?
Rating: [NC-17] for m/m sex, bdsm, violence, non-consensual activities, language, and even a little h/c Posted: Size: 61992 bytes Review
Legato by Espressivo
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La
PWP. Another vignette in an onging series exploring Data's various 'multiple techniques'. This one pairs him with Geordi.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 5824 bytes Review
Lightning Strikes Me by Quoth
Series: TNG, Shut Down the Sun series.
Codes: D/La, UST
Data is confused by Geordi's strange behaviour... First in the 'Shut Down The Sun' series.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 26342 bytes Review
MegaSmut! by Espressivo and MegaHAL
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 6365 bytes Review
Misery's End by Omega
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La
Sequel to T'Reija's 'He Loves Me....Not' and Omega's poem 'Assumptions.'
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 3053 bytes Review
Nada by Waldo
Series: TNG
Codes: D as Nada: D/La, P/D, R/G, D/T/Ro, D/C, D/T/Wes, R/f, R/D, multiple
When Data's positronic brain is damaged in an explosion, an alternate personality emerges while repairs are being completed. The new Data is female... and sexually adventurous.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 142705 bytes Review
Natal Festivities by Babs Bunny
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La
Data gives Geordi a birthday present.
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 7459 bytes Review
Night Vision by Kate Orman
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La
Geordi despairs of ever getting the courage to talk to the woman he likes, but Data helps him get over his jitters.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 11722 bytes Review
Of Mime and Marmots by Robin Lawrie
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La, challenge response, humor
Geordi and Data practice charades.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 9865 bytes Review
Passing The Time by Jadenlore
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La
On a long trip to Earth, Geordi finds out about Data's secret fetish. They then discover long hidden feelings for each other. Sequel to 'In Extremis.'
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 22966 bytes Review
Pillow Talk by Espressivo
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La
Data and Geordi chat about this and that. Mainly that.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 12076 bytes Review
Quality Time by Quoth
Series: TNG
Codes: D/La, mild bd
Data's been working a lot lately and hasn't had time to make love to Geordi. But on Valentine's Day, he rectifies the situation.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 21522 bytes Review
Senior Staffs Meeting by J. Juls
Series: TNG, Bye-Bye Kate series
Codes: D/La, D/La/P/C/T/O'B/R/W/var, multiple
After the events of 'Data's Big Date And a Surprise For Kate',Geordi finds a way for everyone to thank Data for getting rid of Pulaski.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 45615 bytes Review