1 A to The Deltabury Tales
2 Door-To-Door Borg Sketch to Go, Delta Flyer!
3 Goldilocks and the Three Chicks to Happy Face Episode 2: Torture
4 Happy Face Episode 30: The Search For Serena's Caffiene to Happy Face Episode 6: Down The Drain
5 Happy Face Episode 70: Killin Kellin to Happy Face Episode 97: Who Stole The Map?
6 Happy Face Episode 98: Chinese Chickens to In Space, No One Can Hear You Gag
7 It'll Be The Q-tist Little Thing, or Sweeps Week Ratings Booster Extravaganza to Nice Try
8 The Night the Ship Exploded and Everyone 'Did It' to Parody 5: Pisseth Off Not the Vulcan
9 Parody 6: Sex, Lies, & Chakotay to A Strangeness Abounds
10 Strangeness In The Night to The Voyager and the Liberty
11 The Voyager Bunch to