Trekiverse: Voyager Parody
It'll Be The Q-tist Little Thing, or Sweeps Week Ratings Booster Extravaganza by Ruth Gifford
Series: VOY
Codes: Q/J, baby, parody
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 7736 bytes Review
Janeway And Seven Do TV by Sforzie
Series: Complete
Codes: J/7
Channel-surfing on the all Janeway/Seven network...
Rating: [PG-13] Posted: Size: 7679 bytes Review
Janeway vs Richard Cranium by Richard Cranium
Series: VOY
Codes: parody, challenge
Rating: [R] for violence, implied sex with eunuchs Posted: Size: 2224 bytes Review
Janeway's Phaser Rifle by Suz Voy
Series: VOY
Codes: J, N, C, parody
Well, just look at the title...
Rating: [PG-13] Posted: Size: 2220 bytes Review
The Kes and Kathy Show by Dark Phoenix
Series: VOY
Codes: J, Kes, parody
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 19190 bytes Review
Lagrimas de Capitan (A Captain's Tears) by Catherine Clark
Series: VOY
Codes: parody
In this silly spoof, the crew of Voyager finally manage to discover who their *real* adversaries are -- and they defeat them! (Well, sort of...).
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 80695 bytes Review
Less Than For the Sake of Giving, Or, Kes' Transformation Explained by Darrel W. Beach
Series: VOY
Codes: Kes, Q, parody
A short parody and addition to the Voyager episode 'The Gift'
Rating: [G] Posted: Size: 4542 bytes Review
Like A Love-Sick Owl by Suz Voy
Series: VOY
Codes: J/C, parody
A re-write of a scene in 'Night'...
Rating: [PG-13] Posted: Size: 4021 bytes Review
Little Kes Riding Hood (unabridged) by Sasscat Bu-to-y
Series: VOY, Fairy Tales
Codes: Kes, W for weird
Rating: [G] Posted: Size: 7654 bytes Review
The Long Jeroma Command Team by Stephen Ratliff
Series: VOY
Codes: humor
Chakotay regrets his joke on Janeway.
Rating: [G] Posted: Size: 11180 bytes Review
MAC, Spam and Fries - A Short Voyager/asc Parody by Helen Anthony
Series: VOY
Codes: parody
Rating: [PG] for language Posted: Size: 8461 bytes Review
Man of Wood by Odon
Series: VOY
Chakotay's father visits him during a vision quest, and he isn'thappy.
Rating: PG-13. Parody. Posted: Size: 12648 bytes Review
Maquis Chickens and Coffee Rations by Odon
Series: VOY
Codes: Parody
A bizarre glance into what happens if the crew sets up a telepathic computer posting board and the conflicts that arise with it...
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 2653 bytes Review
Maquis Nights by Debbie, aka Pandora
Series: VOY
Codes: C/P, parody
Filk of 'Summer Nights.'
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 6168 bytes Review
Maquis Nights by Pandora
Series: VOY
Codes: C/P, parody
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 6350 bytes Review
Mind Melds Used To Be So Simple by Suz Voy
Series: VOY
Codes: Tu, J, parody
Tuvok has to perform a mind meld on Janeway...and doesn't like what he finds.
Rating: [PG-13] Posted: Size: 3429 bytes Review
A Mock Time by Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
Series: VOY
Codes: Tu, EMH, parody
Tuvok is suffering from Pon Farr Syndrome and begins taking out his terror on the ship: transforming The Doctor into a fight-to-the-death opponent, and entering random viruses into the computer.
Rating: N/A Posted: 19 Sep 1996 15:33:05 GMT Size: 6355 bytes Review
A Monument To Quality Television by Fanfic Chick
Series: VOY
Codes: parody
The final episode for season six is revealed through a leaked newspaper story...
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 4472 bytes Review
Moo! by Suz Voy
Series: VOY
Codes: K, crew, parody
Explanation for this story? Don't even ask.
Rating: [PG] Posted: Size: 1872 bytes Review
More Aussies Than You Can Poke A Stick At by JanF
Series: VOY
Codes: Comedy/Parody
Can the Intrepid Crew of Voyager survive an encounter with a group of Australians
Rating: [PG-13] for adult themes and language Posted: Size: 18345 bytes Review
Mrs. Columbia by Dark Phoenix
Series: VOY, Mrs. Columbo
Codes: parody
A murder mystery mayhap starring Kath and the crew... sort of. The crew of Voyager has been 'altered' into gangster-type 19th century criminals, with Mrs. Columbia (the captain) out to solve the crimes. Parody of Kate Mulgrew's former television roll as 'Mrs. Columbo'.
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 92650 bytes Review
The Naked Later by Steve Sutton
Series: VOY, 'Scientific Method' episode
Codes: parody
As a result of passing through the gravitational field of the binary pulsar in 'Scientific Method,' the crew begins to behave rather strangely, and end up mistaking a black hole for a wormhole and conversing with a very peculiar and insistant spacefarer.
Rating: [PG] for sexual situations Posted: Size: 35024 bytes Review
The Neelix Springer Show by Demetrius McDowell
Series: VOY
Codes: crew, parody
Rating: [R] for language, violence, and Doc's perverted scatological imagination Posted: Size: 19685 bytes Review
Neelix's Online Advice Column by L.R. Bowen
Series: VOY
Codes: N, parody
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 4762 bytes Review
Nice Try by Ruth Gifford
Series: VOY
Codes: P/K, parody
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 3765 bytes Review