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Welcome to ASCEM: Trekiverse.

This page will eventually become the nexis for the group specific portions of Trekiverse for the Alt.StarTrek.Creative.Erotica.Moderated group and it's Y! Groups. You will also find in this page specific challenges and such related to the group.

The Archive

The Trekiverse Archive is an archive of Star Trek Fanfiction originally posted to the newsgroups alt.startrek.creative , its sub-groups alt.startrek.creative.all-ages, and alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated and occasional submissions. It was established back in 1991 as the Alt.StarTrek.Creative Archive and has been continuiously maintained and updated (if sporatically) ever since.

Within these pages, you will find fan fiction comprising stories in all 5 aired Star Trek Series (Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise.) You will also find some author created series (commonly referred to as OCC or Original Captain and Crew), crossovers, and a few things we just couldn't place.

The Archive Team makes no distinction on quality, ratings, or content in archiving. They do that you be courteous to the authors. Some e-mails on stories are very dated, due to authors moving on in the 15 years in which this archive has been functioning in some form. We also ask that you do not attempt to download the full archive in one night.

Yahoo! Groups

ASCEM maintains two Yahoo Groups:
ASCEML The full featured main feed, all posts also appear on ASCEM's USENET feed.
ASCEM-S The stories Only Feed, brought to you by the hard work of moderator Sileya


The Staff of ASCEM includes:


FAQ Maintainer, Archivist, Moderator, Golden Os Awards Cordinator

If there is something that Stephen hasn't done for the group, it probably hasn't been done.


Status of Stories FAQ Maintainer

AQ keeps track of what's posted and assists the Golden Os Team.


Moderator, ASCEMS Forwarder, TSU Web Mistress

ASCEM's #2 Moderator, and long time ASCEM Stories Only Forwarder. Sileya also is an ASCEM Moderator and maintains the Trek Smut University Pages.

Cait N.

Golden Os Categorizer and Challenger

If you haven't been challenged by Cait, you haven't been on ASCEM.


Moderator, ASCEMS Forwarder

The newest of ASCEM's Moderators ... We're breaking her in.


ASCEM Particularly would like you to review the following FAQs:

ASCEM: A Guide To Infinate Combinations Everything you ever wanted to know about ASCEM

Coding Your Story Properly How to make sure your story is properly coded when it is posted to ASCEM

Ruth Gifford's ASCEML Glossary A Little out of date, but still worth it

The Mirror Universe Feedback FAQ Karem St. Jean's recommended replies to Feedback in the Mirror Universe

Golden Orgasm Awards

Winners coming soon.


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